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Learning labs

An important part of the Engineering Education are the different learning laboratories.

Here, students work practically under the guidance of experienced employees and have the opportunity to realize their own practical projects. The laboratory team and the lecturers are happy to support students of the faculty in practical elements of scientific project work, bachelor's or master's theses.

In our large learning center...

Grosses_Lernlabor Grosses_Lernlabor1 Grosses_Lernlabor2

In our learning factory...

Lernfabrik1 Lernfabrik2

In our smaller learning labs ...

Lernlabor_CNC Lernlabor_Holz Lernlabor_Elektro


If interested, students can register their project directly by contacting the lecturers or the laboratory team. You will be instructed in detail and will receive support and guidance in working with the available machines and tools.

Working in the learning laboratory is possible both during the lecture-free period and during the lecture period according to individual appointment arrangements. However, we ask for your understanding that the laboratory space is also used for regular courses and is not available for student projects at these times.